Websites & Internet Marketing
For Small Businesses SME
NICHANDEE, What We Offer
  • Contemporary and modern internet marketing concepts.
  • Planning, conception, realization, support.
  • The website as the heart of your internet presence.
  • Integration of social media platforms.
  • Customer acquisition via social media channels.
  • Customer acquisition and maintenance with E-Mail Marketing concepts.
  • YouTube Videos as an important marketing tool (YouTube Marketing).
  • Facebook campaigns to promote the website (Facebook Marketing & SEA).
  • Creation of Facebook company and product profiles.
  • Marketing Concepts for Instagram, Twitter.
  • XING Profile Structure.
  • Google Optimizations (SEO) and Campaigns.
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You do not have a Website
...then we will be happy to build one for you - according to the latest knowledge and technologies!
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Planning & Concept
  • We plan and develop a Concept for your Website, together with You
  • A good planning and conception forms the basis for your Web Presence.
  • All possibilities of modern Internet Marketing are an important part of the planning.
  • Website Optimization for search engines starts with the planning.
  • Your Domain Name is important.
  • For a first impression, it is most important where your customers "land" on your website (landing page).
  • We prefer to work with Smartsitebuilder from Udon-IT in Udon Thani.
  • Smartsitebuilder is a tool developed in Switzerland for the creation of CMS websites, web shops and office applications.
  • CMS (Content Management System) means, that we can provide you with access to individual parts of your website, e.g. the event calendar, photo galleries, frequently changing content, etc..
Smartsitebuilder, Website Tool:
  • Modern and secure website.
  • No use of external scripts (Java, Flash etc.).
  • Internally programmed applications.
  • Single-database system.
  • Integral SEO optimization.
  • Authorization options.
Shop application, E-shop:
  • Simple construction.
  • Means of payment PayPal and credit cards.
  • Single-database system.
  • Integral SEO optimization.
  • Connection to OfficeX (newsletter, customer care and statistics).
  • Authorization options.
OfficeX, Office administration :
  • Customer database.
  • Newsletter generator.
  • Accounts Receivable - Accounts Payable Administration.
  • Invoicing and dunning, warehouse management.
  • Statistical tool.
  • Single-database system.
  • Authorization options.
Differentiation features CMS Udon-IT to competitive tools:
  • Simple and safe, everything from a single source.
  • Easy to use and securely functioning CMS solutions for the SME market.
  • Single database systems.
  • Development, programming by Udon-IT.
  • Further development, adaptations, all update by Udon-IT.
  • Highest quality, data security and support at an excellent price-performance ratio.
  • Your website will be published on one of Europe's best cloud server systems.
  • Technology and security guaranteed by Udon-IT experts.
  • Database updates of all tools (SmartSiteTool, Shop, OfficeX) automatically and free of charge guaranteed for all websites.
  • Security concept with a Swiss Partner Company.
  • After the start, we take care of your website!
  • Changes and new features.
  • Web page-bound marketing concepts.
  • Annual support package (changes & innovations for website, hosting and domain costs).
You have a Website
And would like…
  • To optimize your website for search engines.
  • To advertise your website in social media platforms.
  • To integrate your website into Internet marketing campaigns.
  • To attract more target groups to your website.
System Requirements
  • We only work with the systems SmartSiteTool & Shop, WorldPress, WorldSoft, HTML.
  • We need the access data to your website platform (Dashboard).
  • We need an open communication with your current webmaster.
What we can do
  • We analyse your web presence.
  • We propose Internet marketing concepts to you.
  • We will prepare an offer for you.
What we cannot do
  • We cannot guarantee you short-term success, Internet Marketing is a constructive process of small steps and many possibilities.
  • Successful customer acquisition on the Internet is also based on your personal networking in social media.
  • A successful internet marketing also depends on how your website is conditioned for it.
Where are your customers?
Nichandee.asia, Lifestyle & Communication, where the customers are                     Nichandee.asia, Lifestyle & Communication, always online
This question is answered quickly today:
In the virtual world of smartphones, iPads, tablets and laptops.
Your customers use these devices to surf the Internet every day. They search, compare, buy and ask others for advice. Every time you ask a question in Google, you will immediately get a selection of comprehensive answers.
Your customers are online and reachable almost anytime and anywhere in the world. Push signals always alert them to the latest social network messages. Here, they discover things they did not know about until now, here they are covered up with the newest information. Moreover, once the device is switched off, the "missed" information is immediately listed when it is switched on again.
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Customer Acquisition in the Internet
Is the art...
  • To link and use the virtual social media portals and information channels optimally with each other and with your website.
  • To be able to offer people an interesting dialogue.
  • To be able to bring your knowledge and your competence - a so-called added value - closer to interested parties in an unobtrusive way.
  • To win the trust of the people.
  • Internet Marketing deals with all possibilities of customer acquisition on the Internet and is briefly explained in the following subchapters:
Social Media
...are Internet Communication Portals like:
  • Facebook, Private and Company Profiles, FB Marketing.
  • YouTube, video channel with excellent Google rating, YouTube Marketing.
  • Twitter, Corporate Marketing.
  • Instagram, Photo Channel, Instagram Marketing.
  • Xing, LinkedIn, business platforms, career presentation.
In the standard version, all portals are free for all users!

This is one of the reasons, why millions and billions of people connect via these portals. The need to exchange, to be recognized, to be noticed, to find friends is still a large part of people’s purpose in life.

The Internet portals are like funnels, which attract prospective customers on your web page!

All social networks took the search engine Google as an example, and became themselves efficient search engines. That gives you, as an entrepreneur, the possibility of searching your future customers by using completely specific selection criteria in the net, making them attentive with so-called “click advertisement” to your offers with a lead to your website.
We will support you in this! We know the tricks, rules and conditions for a successful Social Media Marketing!
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Email Marketing
  • Your website is the heart of your entire web presence.
  • Email Marketing is the very heart of all Internet Marketing.
Through Social Media Portals, you will get people on your website. With an Email Marketing Tool, you have the opportunity to turn these people into customers. This tool is the most efficient traffic and sales generator ever.
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YouTube Video & Marketing
People like to watch movies and videos!
  • YouTube Channel is viewed over a billion times a day
  • People watch over 4 billion videos every day
A short video (explainer video) on the landing page of your website arouses the greatest interest!

Your videos are stored on your YouTube Video Channel and is rated by the YouTube Search Engine,
therefore also will be found by the interested parties on the net (YouTube is a subsidiary of Google).
We design and produce Your Videos for You!
Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook is next to Google the biggest search engine in the world.
  • Facebook has over 2 billion users worldwide. They reveal their preferences, wishes and peculiarities through their posts on private profiles.
  • Facebook collects these data and makes it available to companies for search profile creation in return for compensation (click rate) (SEA = Search Engine Advertising).
  • Facebook SEA campaigns reach the defined target group and direct them to the website.
Building Facebook Marketing in 3 steps:
  • Creation of a FB Company Profile
  • Step 1: Contacting Your friends and followers, FB-Ads to advertise the website, free of charge, 3 posts/ week, duration approx. 2 months
  • Step  2: Contacting Your friends and followers, FB-Ads to advertise topics, products, events & actions, free of charge, 3 posts/ week, duration approx. 2 months
  • Step 3: Target groups are addressed, FB-SEA campaigns to advertise your offer, fee-based (click rate), a campaign is injected for approx. 1-2 weeks, analysed and adapted daily.
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